Sublime Text - An Amazing Text Editor You Would Love to Use

We all know about the codebase size and complexity of Magento which have been the main reasons for most of the people using full-length IDEs for Magento development.

If you have ever used Sublime text, probably you will have been staggered upon its package manager. Sublime Text is an advanced text editor for mark up, coding and prose. It has an amazing user interface with extraordinary built-in features. It is an exceptional tool which lets you select and install hundreds of available plugins within no time. After installing the sublime text, you will be able to access hundreds of plugins.

Here are a few plugins which would work great for Magento, PHP or general development:

CTags: You have been used to “click to go to definition” functionality given by most of the IDEs. Unluckily, Sublime text doesn’t support this feature. But this can be achieved using CTags. It creates an index file of language objects like method names and class names allowing them to be located easily. After installing CTags from package manager, you will be able to build the tags.

You can achieve it by following the path “Find > CTags > Rebuild Tags”. You can now build tags easily by pressing Alt+Shift+C, or any other key combinations you wish.

After 30-40 seconds (for magento), CTags will start building tags and you can start exploiting their power by just placing the text cursor on the class name or method name. Now, press the combination keys to ‘navigate to definition’, the class will be opened automatically.

SublimeLinter: Sometimes, you will code for hours together and when you refresh the browser, you will find at least 5 syntax errors (like missing semicolons or any other errors). You don’t have to worry in such situations as SublimeLinter provides a perfect cure for this problem. SublimeLinter is a great tool available in our tool belt as it supports various languages including PHP. In order to make it work, a path for PHP installation has to be added in its configuration.

PHP snippets: Sublime text has number of PHP code snippets, but few more snippets come in handyalways. If you face any problem in triggering the snippets of .phtml files, you can correct it by just changing the value of “auto-complete-selector” to its default configuration value.

Sublime-magento: Sublime-magento is a plugin with wide variety of built-infeatures. It lets you insert a proper class name with just a press of key. Using sublime-magento, you can create a module with all the necessary files and configurations. It also lets you open a file path within quotes.

AdvancedNewFile: AdvancedNewFile is a pretty good plugin which lets you to create files easily within your project. You don’t even have to touch your mouse. You can do it by just placing a key bind.

SidebarEnhancements: Sublime text doesn’t come with numerous options in the context menu of right click. You can easily fix it by using a plugin called SidebarEnhancements. It provides enhancements of operations on the sidebar (files and folders). It officially supports only for Sublime text 3, but some works are going on to make it work even on ST2.

GoToDocumentation: If you have any trouble in remembering the order of the parameters in a function callor if you are not familiar with PHP standard libraries, GoToDocumentation is the right plugin for you. You can easily open the page by just placing cursor over the method name and pressing the designated key. Let it be HTML, PHP, CSS or any other language that supports sublime text.

Trailing Spaces: Have you ever faced ‘trailing spaces’ problem in your code? This plugin helps you to detect and delete them in just a few seconds.

Syntax Highlight and themes: Though the default syntax highlighting in Sublime text is good enough (monokai theme), it’s always better to find something that suits you well.

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