Which is the Best Platform to Build SEO Friendly Websites - WordPress or Joomla?

20 May 2015

Indianapolis: SEO is an important aspect which makes your website easy to understand for both users and the search engine robots. Though search engines have become highly sophisticated, still they can’t understand a web page as a human can. All the websites have to adhere to the principles of SEO if they have to rank higher on search engine result pages.

Today, WordPress and Joomla are the two major platforms (CMS) on which most of the websites are running. Both the platforms are search engine friendly and both have their own pros and cons. But still if we have to select either of the platforms, we can go on the basis of how easily an admin can configure the website for SEO.

Earlier, if we had to choose between Joomla and WordPress, we were not only considering the admins work but also some outstanding features of the platforms. But these days the world is somewhat changed and hence the main focus is on new SEO strategies. So, while designing any website with SEO in mind, make sure that the website adheres to these strategies. The platform that comes on top with these strategies would be ideal to build SEO based websites.

Below mentioned are a few strategies based on which you can decide between the Joomla and WordPress platforms:

SEO is all about Content:

  • Earlier, SEO was highly dependent on the usage of keywords. But it is all changed now; these days, SEO based websites are not only dependent on keywords but it’s all about the content. So while choosing the platform, go for the one which makes the content interesting.
  • When it comes to website, content is certainly the king which takes more space and prominence. If you ignore the content, it’s pretty sure that you would be facing a disaster shortly. The usefulness of content is what an ecommerce website must be concerned about.

Usage of Plugins:

  • The developers who choose WordPress refers to the fact that the platform performs favorably in terms of SEO. WordPress is highly acclaimed because of the numerous helpful plugins. It actually has the most SEO friendly plugins available today.
  • The most commonly used plugins are Yoast and All in One SEO Pack. Using these plugins, optimizing the website for SEO becomes much easier. Even a person with least SEO knowledge can also optimize the site with these plugins.

Usage of Extensions:

  • Even Joomla can be used to build SEO friendly sites. If WordPress offers plugins, Joomla provides extensions. But it’s not advised to use Joomla if you are not ready to give the care and attention needed to build an SEO friendly website.
  • Success of a website built using Joomla depends on the arrangements and several other aspects. The pages on such a website have to be set up properly if it has to rank higher.

Though Joomla comes with several search engine optimization functionalities, opting for it without the proper technical expertise would become a nightmare for you. But that’s not the case with WordPress. Even if you have very minimal knowledge on SEO, you can opt for it and optimize your site for search engines.

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