Google Revises Material Design Guidelines with Latest Resources

29 October 2014

Indianapolis: Google at first released its Material Design principles in July and planned it as a feedback mechanism from developers to process the primary aesthetic and look of Android 5.0 when it was revealed in February. At present, it has modified these resources and principles as the release date approaches.

So now, along with the Android 5.0 SDK that was just made obtainable by Android Dev for download, Google has issued efficient guidelines and resources, considering the feedback of the Android community and altering the look of Material Design to what it is at present.

The most prominent addition for this update is the sticker sheet. They are obtainable in a few formats so more developers can acquire and apply them effortlessly.

Here is the whole thing taken in the update to the Material Design guidelines:

  • Updated sticker sheets in AI, Sketch formats and PSD
  • A new icon library ZIP download
  • Updated color swatch downloads
  • Updated whiteframe downloads, including better baseline grid text alignment and other miscellaneous fixes

The sticker sheets have been modified to reveal the newest refinements to the components and incorporated into a single, complete sticker sheet that must be user-friendly. A collective sticker sheet is also lately available for Adobe Photoshop and Sketch – two immensely well-liked requests. In the sticker sheet, you can get various elements that frame layouts, taking in light and dark symbols for the status bar, bottom bar, app bar, cards, search fields, dropdowns, dividers, dialogs, navigation drawers, the floating action button and other components. Currently, the sticker sheet also comprises explanatory text for elements.

In addition, the new system icons sticker sheet contains icons frequently used in Android across different apps, like icons employed for media playback, content editing activity, communication, connectivity, and more.

If you are developer, it is recommended to take a look at these latest guidelines to prepare for the future release Android Lollipop, which Google will pick to push across all probable channels. The new devices that that will carry Android 5.0 will be releasing in November, so there are just a few weeks that left.

Stay tuned for more improvements!!

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