Google Play Services 7.8 Brings Face Detection, Barcode Scanning and GCM API’S

23 September 2015

Indianapolis: The latest Google Play Services 7.8 which was rolled out a month ago introduced the new APIs like Face detection, Barcode scanning and GCM (Google cloud messaging). These new APIs help users in several ways; the new Face Detection API allows developers to find human faces in an image or a video whereas the Google Cloud Messaging API offers an expanded notification to support localization for Android.

The new APIs introduced along with the Google Play Services 7.8:

Face Detection API

  • The new Face detection API introduced along with the latest Google Play services update has been improved a lot when compared to the previous one. The API supports face detection even at different orientations. It can also recognize the landmarks on the face like lips, eyes, nose and so on.
  • With this new API, Google made sure that it’s not a face recognition API which recognizes few individuals in the photographs. It detects if there is a face in an image or a video. If once the face is detected and leaves the field of view, it will not be recognized as the same face when it enters the field of view again.
  • The API offers the function calls that allow developers to detect a few facial states so that they can build a camera app that detects when everyone in the image is smiling and takes the shot automatically.

Barcode scanning API

  • Google introduced the Barcode scanning bundle as a part of Mobile Vision bundle. The API can detect one-dimensional barcodes like product barcodes and also two-dimensional barcodes such as QR codes.
  • The barcode scanning functionality has been downgraded as a third party app in Play Store from quite a long time but now Barcode Scanning has been implemented into the Play Services as it is a core component of most of the Android phones.

Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) API

  • GSM allows you to send messages from other apps to devices. In the new Play Service update, the API has gained the ability to create notifications for different locales. This helps developers to figure out particular messages to be displayed on particular devices.
  • It’s also being said that, the developers will also be able to set the message priority (Normal and High) on Android M.  
  • Normal priority mode allows the API to bundle multiple messages and delay their arrival so that it doesn’t wake up smartphone’s CPU. Google suggests developers to use Normal priority mode for general things like email notifications and other data that needs to be synced.
  • In High priority mode, the incoming phone calls or chat alerts are received right away. Google recommends high priority only for time critical messages or else the users will have to suffer with the battery life.

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