6 Trends that Take Mobile App Development to the Next Level in 2015

14 January 2015

Indianapolis: The mobile world is continuously growing at inflating speeds and we have become more reliant on smartphones for our daily lives such that it’s so difficult to imagine the life before the cell phones arrived. As we have just entered into a new year, people are very curious about the changes they could see in the mobile application industry. Everybody is anticipating about some new trends which would take the app development industry to the next level.

Well, there are certain trends which you would see in 2015. Below mentioned are a few among them:

  1. HTML5 to become the most popular platform: From the past two years, HTML5 has gained a stupendous popularity and is considered as a matured platform for app development. Earlier, Apple tried to ban the third party development tools, but it gave up such attempts as HTML5 was a booming app development platform. Apple’s iOS 7 uses JavaScript as the development language. As iOS is not the only dominating platform, developers are now trying to extend their cross platform options.
  2. Android to overhaul iOS: Android seems to overhaul iOS in 2015 because of its increased market share and declined disintegration. More than 81% of Android mobile devices were shipped in the third quarter of the year 2013. Number of Android developers has been increased to 71%. Google is also moving the functionalities out of the core OS; so gradually, Android is overtaking iOS platform.
  3. Many new operating systems to develop apps: As we all know, iOS and Android are the two operating systems which are ruling the market of mobile operating systems, wherein Blackberry and Windows mobile are still scrambling behind. But 2015 is expected to be the year for new operating systems. Many operating systems like Mobile Ubuntu, Mozilla’s mobile Firefox OS, Sailfish and Tizen are gaining popularity and are aiming at mobile app development.
  4. Apps for wearable devices: In the year 2015, you will have lots of wearable devices and so the developers have to concentrate on developing top-notch applications for such wearable devices. At present, we just have Sony smartwatch, iWatch, Samsung galaxy gear smartwatch, Pebble and more. So in 2015, we can expect a lot more wearable devices which would need an extensive range of applications.
  5. Decrease in native applications: As many new platforms are gaining huge popularity, it’s expected to see the declination in the development of native applications in 2015. So preferably the designers would stay clear of the danger of building native applications and are going to accept the adaptability of mobile web apps. 
  6. Cloud driven technology: With the upsurge in the usage of mobile devices, cloud technology seems to play a major role in mobile app development in 2015. Developers will have more focus on their ability to synchronize the apps on multiple devices. Cloud driven technology lets developers to build apps which can be accessed on multiple devices with same features and functionalities. This platform would help developers to build apps rapidly without the need of deep technical knowledge.

So, these are a few trends of mobile app development industry which are expected to bring some revolution in 2015.

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