5 Main Advantages of Using CMS for Web Development

Content Management System (also called as web content management system or WCMS) is the software that allows you to store the website content while enabling easy editing for novice web administrators. CMS allows multiple web administrators to login to a single system and unite on editing the content. Also, you don’t have to be an expert in HTML and CSS coding to use CMS; what you see in the editor is what you’ll see on the webpage.

Below mentioned are a few advantages of using a CMS for web development.

HHVM 3.8 to Speed up the Execution of PHP Code

The advanced PHP engine from Facebook brags about the improvements made on the performance, but the apps remain as the real obstruction. Right after the beta release of PHP version 7.0, Facebook’s HHVM project (high-speed PHP engine) also has a new point release. The reference published by Facebook shows HHVM performance improvements on the older versions and stock engine PHP as well. But most of the PHP packages are not taking the complete advantage offered by HHVM or they have the test suit that fail with HHVM which means that it’s not the generic replacement for stock PHP.

Drupal Spots Out A Critical Vulnerability- Password Reset URLs

Drupal, being one of the widely used content management systems is commending the users to get their software updated to the latest versions (6.35 and 7.35) when it came to know about two susceptibilities that would allow attackers to hack Drupal websites. According to a recently published security advisory, a defect found in Drupal core could allow a prospective hacker to avoid the security restrictions by building password reset URLs.

Password reset URLs vulnerability:

9 Solid Reasons to Choose Magento as An eCommerce Development Platform

Magento, an open source web development platform has formed itself to be a seed for building large number of eCommerce websites. In spite of having a tough competition from numerous platforms like Shopify, 3DCart, Volusion and Big Commerce, Magento remained to be on the top of all the other platforms. Today, Magento is one among the top 5 hosted eCommerce solutions. Seeing such a huge popularity of Magento, a question that arises is why would one use Magento to build their eCommerce site?

Sublime Text - An Amazing Text Editor You Would Love to Use

We all know about the codebase size and complexity of Magento which have been the main reasons for most of the people using full-length IDEs for Magento development.

3 Tips for a Lucrative eCommerce Development

Most retailers are well responsive to the necessity to sell online so as to reach today’s tech-savvy clients. Apt eCommerce solutions not only display products and services successfully, but also offer a fast and simple purchase option to guarantee the user experience is as pleasant as possible.

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