9 Solid Reasons to Choose Magento as An eCommerce Development Platform

Magento, an open source web development platform has formed itself to be a seed for building large number of eCommerce websites. In spite of having a tough competition from numerous platforms like Shopify, 3DCart, Volusion and Big Commerce, Magento remained to be on the top of all the other platforms. Today, Magento is one among the top 5 hosted eCommerce solutions. Seeing such a huge popularity of Magento, a question that arises is why would one use Magento to build their eCommerce site?

Few credible reasons to say that Magento is an effective choice to build an eCommerce website:

  1. Open source: Among all the three versions of Magento (free, enterprise and hosted), the most popular version is the free open source edition. It hosts a wide range of community help for eCommerce designers and developers. You can download and install Magento for free of cost; using this community platform you will be able to build fully functional website.
  2. It is specifically designed for eCommerce: Magento was the first solution to be built specifically for eCommerce platform. Magento comprises some typical eCommerce features like shipping management, dashboards, inventory management, product bundling and content management. Most of the website owners are still proud that they have these features in their eCommerce website.
  3. Not self-hosted: Nowadays, most of the shopping cart solutions which are being built are self-hosted. Such self-hosted solutions take away the chance to choose a host for your website. But the Magento assures that you can choose the host which you think would suit the best for your website. You also have an option to choose self-hosting in Magento; but it’s an option and you need not do it compulsorily.
  4. High degree of flexibility: You website will be as flexible as you want if you use Magento to build your eCommerce website. It lets you customize the website according to the requirements. Magento always comes with standard built-in features and if those features do not meet up your expectations, you can indulge the necessary extensions and rope them in.
  5. Classic third party integration: Using Magento, you can easily integrate your products and website to the third party services. You need not include the payment gateway that is available with the solution; you are allowed to choose secure third party gateways or services for your site.
  6. Easy to optimize: Magento is most divergent to all the other shopping cart solutions and is search engine friendly.  Magento comes with some built-in features that optimize a website to make it robust and more intuitive. It comes with sitemaps, feature driven URLs, keywords, Mata tags and descriptions.
  7. Enhanced speed: If an eCommerce website is developed using Magento, the loading speed of the website will be augmented. Magento allows for auto page caching and speeds up the website even if there are several images and more content.
  8. Easy customization: Customization of a website built on Magento is really easy. This flexible platform lets you add new features to a live website without even disturbing the layout of the existing site. The users can also create customized extensions to match up with their requirements.    
  9. Excellent performance: If you want to see your eCommerce website performing incredibly, just choose Magento to develop it.  You can use high level caching techniques and database optimization techniques to optimize the performance of your website.

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