5 Main Advantages of Using CMS for Web Development

Content Management System (also called as web content management system or WCMS) is the software that allows you to store the website content while enabling easy editing for novice web administrators. CMS allows multiple web administrators to login to a single system and unite on editing the content. Also, you don’t have to be an expert in HTML and CSS coding to use CMS; what you see in the editor is what you’ll see on the webpage.

Below mentioned are a few advantages of using a CMS for web development.

#1. Great variety of templates: Today’s website building systems produce wide variety of templates that can be managed and tweaked easily to achieve a unique design with less effort. Gone are the days where CMS was just used by start-ups, amateur bloggers or small business. Today even the large enterprises are using CMSs like Squarespace and WordPress to run blogs, create landing pages or separate websites. A lot of well-known businesses have chosen Drupal for their official websites. 

#2. Manage multiple pages seamlessly: Adding new page or making changes on the existing pages is not a head breaking thing if the site is built using CMS. It lets you create new pages with just a few clicks. For example, WP admin panel generates a URL automatically for a page from its title. This URL can later be customized by the owner to make it short by removing unnecessary symbols and numbers.

#3. WYSIWYG editors offer easy customization: Customisation is really easy in CMS as the WYSIWYG editors allow event the users with no coding skills to tweak the site design. Of course, the users need to have some basic idea about the design principles and UX techniques in order to achieve an exciting result.

#4. It offers responsive websites: Responsiveness is one of the most important aspects of a good website. Most of the website builders today offer readymade solutions that respond to all the major mobile devices. So today in modern website builders, you will see a separate panel that shows how the template looks like on a smartphone or a tablet. Webflow, Squarespace and many other CMSs offer responsive templates that look great on smaller screens.

#5. SEO friendly: CMSs offer you a comprehensive range of tools that helps you set up the website optimization properly. You just have to explore the SEO options available while choosing a CMS to build your site. Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and other popular CMSs handful of SEO plugins/modules that take your site optimization to the next level. But you need to understand the fact that no SEO friendly CMS can take you to top unless you optimize your site.

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